How to maintain the roll forming machine

Dec 26, 2019

Maintenance of the roll forming machines

1.Beforing using the machine the operator must fill 32# mechanical oil.

2. The surface of the rollers should be kept clean. When the plate is rolled,the dirty object must not be carried into the machine.

3.Before using the new machines the lubricating oil must be added to the chain and once every six months.

4. After using the machine the oil must be sprayed to the surface of the rollers. After the construction site is exposed to rain or when the air humidity is high and condensate water on the surface of the rollers. Please make sure to dry the rollers with a dry cloth and apply anti-rust oil.

5.Usage and maintenance of hydraulic cutting

A. The hydraulic tank must be filled with 32# or 46# hydraulic oil before using. The amount of oil is subject to the oil mark

B. We adopts the guide column type for hydraulic cutting. The guide column is equipped with an oil-free bearing and does not need to fill the lubricating oil.If it is other factory equipment, it may be a stay-link type. Please add 30# oil to the shifter at the sliding block 3 times per shift and add 30# oil per shift to the rod at the connecting rod。

C. With high precision cutting , the blade material adopts Cr12 alloy steel, after machining, vacuum quenching,the hardness reaches HRC58-62, normally it can roll 100,000 square without grinding blade. When the blade is worn out, the upper and lower blade screws can be removed and the working surface can be used by grinding the blade on the surface grinder. When inserting the blade, first install the blade, loosen the lower blade screw, and start the hydraulic cylinder. The upper blade is downward, and the upper blade is the reference. The lower blade can be used by tightening the screw together with the lower blade holder.

Encoder adjustment and maintenance

The encoder of this equipment adopts the mandrel swing type and the automatic pressing device presses tightly. When the length measuring wheel is used, the roller surface must be cleaned. Always check whether the bearing is running normally or it will result in inaccurate positioning.

The rotary encoder side long test adjustment screw nut drives the spring to control its position. Before using, pay special attention that it should be too tight, or it will cause the side long wheel to not contact with the board surface, no pulse output; if it is too loose, it will cause the plate to collide with the encoder when feeding, and damage the encoder. General factory encoders in Chengdu to adjust well. Second, the matters needing attention 1. The encoder is forbidden to impact. There is a glass disc inside the encoder. The impact will cause the glass to break and the encoder to be damaged.

When the pump motor is not stopped, it is forbidden for the operator to put his hand into the molding scissors mouth to prevent the molding shear from malfunctioning and causing work accidents.

When the rolling mill is running, it is forbidden for the operator to put his hand in the touch press plate of the mill to check the rolling situation to prevent accidents.

Do a good job of moisture-proof work on site.

When not in use for a long time, roll surface should be coated with anti-rust oil and the chain should be buttered.