Racking Shelf Box Roll Forming Machine
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The shelf box machine is together with the top hat machine to make the shelf box for the supermarket shelf. Sussman Shelf box machine is included the de-coiler, the hydraulic punching device, the main roll forming machine, and the hydraulic cutting device. The shelf box machine can make width from 200-600mm. It is the good choice for the supermarket shelf business.

1. Materials to form: According to the customers’ requirement Used for 200mm-600mm (one-sided slide-able, adjustable by electric), thickness 0.6-1.0mm, length is variable from 0-10000mm

2. Forming steps: About 18 steps

3. Material of rollers:GCr15 steel, precision-machined, high frequency quenching HRC58-62, diameter of rollers: >¢150

4. Material of main shaft : 45# high quality steel (diameter>¢50)

5. Chains’ material: 45# steel, high frequency quenching, circular pitch: 38.1; number of teeth: 13

6. Cutting: Hydraulic cutting; quenching HRC58-62

7. Electronic control: PLC control

8. Dimension of machine: 12000mmX2000mmX900mm

10. Drive system: Chain drive, 7.5KW main motor power, working speed: 3-15m/min;

11. Welding structure: material of fixed beam and walking beam: hot-rolled steel, the base and rack are be gantry planer processing after welded, work platform is not allowed stress deformation; main machine table-board’s plainness 2mm/1000mm

12. Parts: Slide: imported from Japan; bearing: Zhonghang Brand of Harbin

13. Punching: Punching the holes at the press machine before forming the shapes

14. Bending: Bending after the hydraulic cutting

Working flow

De-coiler—→Level device —→ Hydraulic punching notch—→Main roll forming machine—→Hydraulic cutting—→Bending—→ Run out table


quantity (set)





Level device


Hydraulic cutting and bending machine


Main roll forming machine


Run out table

2 sets

Control panel


Sussman hereby solemnly promises: We implement the “three guarantees” service policy for any equipments sold by Sussman, provide free of charge installation guidelines, commissioning and maintenance of the equipments, training of the Buyer’s relevant Operators; and provide technical requirements for the installation and operation of the equipments, technical layout diagrams and other related information, provide a lifetime supply of maintenance and spare parts

The detailed measures are as follows:

1.Guidelines for installation and commissioning of equipments:

Based on the actual situation, to assist and guide the Buyer and Buyer’s technical personnel in the overall installation location, the installation of equipments, and provide Buyer with answers to their questions and related issues;

2.Provide training for operation and maintenance personnel:

Based on the Buyer’s request, Sussman will provide free of charge training of the operation and maintenance personnel;

a) The User (Buyer) can send their operation and maintenance personnel to our factory for learning and training;

b) When Sussman is doing the installation and test running of the equipments for the Buyer, the Buyer can send their personnel to participate.

3.If failure occurs in any of the machines during the “three guarantees” period(one year), then, upon the Buyer’s request, Sussman will eliminate the failure;

4. Sussman will inform all its Buyers about any upgrades and significant product improvements. Sussman will provide equipment modifications based on their costs. Sussman will provide Buyers with high-quality after-sales services in a careful and responsible attitude, provide very strong guarantee for the Buyer’s normal production.

We provide quick and satisfactory customer service, and promise to respond within 24 hours after receiving your complaints by phone or email

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