Guard Railway Roll Forming Machine
1. Main motor power: 22kw
2. Station: adopt cast iron HT50
3.Decelerating motor: BWD14-43-37KW, made in Shanghai or Changzhou
4. Drive: chain driving
5. Main shaft dia: ¢120mm   material: 45﹟forge steel
6. Roller material: GCR15 quenched 58°-62°,chromed
7. Roll station:15stations
8. Roller thickness: 3-5mm
9. Timing by transducer:5m--20m/min(not including punching)
10. Transducer: Panasonic made in Japan. 380V 50HZ
11. Computer: PLC

12. Computer operating panel: touching screen

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine can make W beam guardrail, two waves guardrail, three waves guardrail, also two waves or three waves profiles can be made in one machine by changing rolls and moulds,  the guardrail’s thickness is usually around 2.0mm-4mm.
Also we have experience of producing guardrail roll forming machines whose products can meet different standards :
• AASHTO M180--American Guardrail standard (more useful and popular)
• BS EN-1317-- European Guardrail standard
• AS/NZS 3845:1999--Australian Guardrail standard
In guardrail machine industry there are four lines totally we could offer with quality:
• Two/three wave guardrail roll forming machine
• U/C/sigma post roll forming machine
• Connection punching line
• End terminal punching line
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  • Application
Highway guardrails provide a visual and physical barrier between traffic and work areas. It is used for protection against accidents due to lift trucks or other mobile equipment in dock areas, aisles, around special equipment, . Reduce costly damage to equipment and inventory. Modular system is easily expanded or moved as needed. For indoor or outdoor use.
Highway Guard rail or guardrail, sometimes referred to as guide rail or railing, is a system designed to keep people or vehicles from (in most cases unintentionally) straying into dangerous or off-limits areas. A handrail is less restrictive than a guard rail and provides both support and the protective limitation of a boundary.
We can make two waves, three waves for highway guardrail.

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