Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
1. Raw material: 0.3--0.7mm aluminium sheet;
2. Coil width: 1200mm
3. Working speed: 4--5m/min;
4. Control style: Mitsubishi PLC and inverter
5. Step tile length: 100-400mm;
6. Step tile height: 15mm
7. Total power:   About 13 KW;
8. Total installation size: 25 X 3 m(with 12 m panel length)
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  • Application
Wuxi Sussman Glazed tile roll forming machine can provide various tile with steady and polish surface, which are used to construct curvaceous roofs. This highly accurate machine series adapted with PLC and adjustable node length more than 120mm
Technological Process of Glazed Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine: Uncoiling—Feeding—Leveling—Punching—Rollforming—Cutting—Products collecting.

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